Eliminating Textile Waste

A Goal we can all get behind!

Our landfills are filling up fast and the Earth is running out of room to store all our garbage. Most people don’t know that their gently used, stained and damaged textiles still have life in them.

At RDCycle, we are proud to do our part and help you do your part to keep the Earth green. From turning those gently used/damage clothes and even the missing sock into rags. To giving your used and new clothing a new home.

We at RDCycle get the maximum life out of each article of textiles that come in. From working with various thrift stores to supply them with clothing and shoes. To getting your mechanic a shop rag to use on your car.

Some of the Earth’s Greatest Landscapes are Threatened by

Sprawling Landfills in both Urban and Rural Areas

RDCycle aims to protect our greenspace by eliminating unnecessary waste and recycling instead, but we cannot achieve our goals alone