About Us

We strive to decrease the environmental burden of textile waste.

Billions of pounds of textiles find their way to the landfills each year. Even though nearly 100% of these textiles are recyclable. From the missing sock that the “laundry monster” ate to the clothes that still have tags on them.

RDCycle makes a point of getting the most life out of each article of textiles that it receives. Even the one off shoe that the dog hid or ate the other pair to the brand new shoes that were never worn. Everything from sheets/linens, belts/purses and all the different varieties of clothing.

RDCycle was started to not only help change our environmental foot print and save our landfills that are quickly filling up. But, also to be apart of every community that we are involved with. From the individuals in the communities, to the local businesses and schools, the local municipalities and the local non-profits.

Some of the Earth’s Greatest Landscapes are Threatened by

Sprawling Landfills in both Urban and Rural Areas

RDCycle aims to protect our greenspace by eliminating unnecessary waste and recycling instead, but we cannot achieve our goals alone