RDCycle bins are meant for collecting textiles. RDCycle bins collect worn out, gently used or even brand-new items of textiles.

Textiles are everything from clothing, shoes, belts/purses and linens such as, sheets or comforters.

We prefer all contributions to be in bags and must be placed inside the box to protect them from the elements. We value each contribution and want to make sure it can possibly recycled or reused. Contributions left outside the bin often become unusable due to elements such as rain or snow.

The main goal of RDCycle is to keep items from entering our landfills.  RDCycle specializes in textile recycling.  So putting glass items such as picture frames, glasses or dishes , mirrors and other breakable objects does not help our mission.  It not only doesn’t help the mission of RDCycle, but puts its employees at risk.  Breakable objects placed in the bin often break.  This causes a hazard when cleaning out the bins properly.

Other items RDCycle does not accept at bins.

  • TVS
  • Couches
  • Mattresses/Box Springs
  • Items to big to fit in the box
  • Garbage
  • Food
  • Furniture
  • Appliances
  • Toys that are to big to fit in the bin

RDCycle is using a 58 x 61 x 75 bin currently but looking to add smaller bins in the future.

Each bin is guaranteed a weekly pick up.  If a location has more servicing needs.  RDCycle is more than willing to make repeat stops including everyday service.

Some of the Earth’s Greatest Landscapes are Threatened by

Sprawling Landfills in both Urban and Rural Areas

RDCycle aims to protect our greenspace by eliminating unnecessary waste and recycling instead, but we cannot achieve our goals alone